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October 2016

Easy Shoulder Massage

When you’re experiencing stress, it’s quite likely that your shoulder and neck area will become stiffer and more rigid.  Almost everyone collects stress in these areas.  For some, it might result in a pain or spasm that you become aware of as it nags at you.  For others, you’re so used to the tension that you may not even realize its presence until after it’s released.  
As I’ve discussed in previous posts, receiving a massage from a professional is remarkably healing and highly recommended.

The Importance of Touch

Have you ever noticed that we touch for comfort?  It’s true.  If there’s an ache or pain somewhere in your body, you’re pretty much guaranteed to place your hand on it at some point.  If you happen to see someone who looks a little down, you might pat him on the arm or shoulder and ask “Are you okay?”  And we all enjoy a good hug from someone we care about.

In a 2015Timemagazine article, Eric Barker writes:

Touching is incredibly powerful.  We just don't give it enough credit.
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