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My Blog

September 2016

Improve Your Memory Recall

The tip of the tongue phenomenon.  We’ve all experienced it.  You know you have some bit of information in your head -- perhaps someone’s name -- but you just can’t seem to access it.  It’s often quite frustrating.
Next time this happens to you, try using the Yang Bai acupressure point.  Take your thumb and your index or middle finger and place them gently on your forehead, with one finger above each pupil, halfway between your eyebrows and hairline.  Hold them there steadily, and expect to remember.

The Shui Gou Point

Are you feeling drowsy or having difficulty focusing?  Maybe you were up too late last night or simply didn’t sleep well.  Perhaps you’ve been in a class for a while or are working on something you’re not especially interested in.  If you’d like to improve your mental alertness, acupressure has an easy way to achieve that.

Press the tip of your forefinger firmly into the divot between your nose and upper lip.  Apply enough pressure that you feel it in your upper gum.  Hold this as you breathe slowly and deeply for at least two minutes, if possible, for optimal results.
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