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Relax With Acupressure

Place the palm of your hand on the crown of your head.  Now, breathe slowly and deeply.  Inhale down into your belly and, when you exhale, release tension, stress, negativity.  With each subsequent breath, try to slow down even more.  Do this for at least two minutes, if possible; a longer time is even better.  Feel free to close your eyes and imagine being in a relaxing place while you do this.

When you’re done, congratulate yourself:  You’ve just used acupressure like an expert.
The crown of your head is called the One Hundred Meeting Point.  All of your energy meridians terminate there, so simply by placing your palm on it, you’re covering a lot of territory.  Doing this balances your body’s energy.  It also connects with the pineal gland and balances your seventh chakra (your higher self).

Using this acupressure technique is good for alleviating headaches and heatstroke and for boosting morale.  You know how, sometimes, when you have a little enough child, you might pat him/her on the crown of the head?  It feels good.  It stimulates feelings of being acknowledged, appreciated, loved.

Give yourself this quick, easy-to-do and very effective gift any time you’re feeling stressed, upset or tense.  Relaxation will be yours.

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