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My Blog

August 2016

The Sea of Tranquility

Here’s a quick and easy way to experience peace in moments of difficulty. 
Take the index, middle, ring and pinky fingers of your left hand and put them along your sternum vertically so that your pinky is above the notch.  You can move your fingers up and down a bit to find indentations and place each finger into one.  There will be a little space between your fingers if they’re positioned correctly.  Exert some pressure; don’t dig in, but hold your fingers firmly.

Relax With Acupressure

Place the palm of your hand on the crown of your head.  Now, breathe slowly and deeply.  Inhale down into your belly and, when you exhale, release tension, stress, negativity.  With each subsequent breath, try to slow down even more.  Do this for at least two minutes, if possible; a longer time is even better.  Feel free to close your eyes and imagine being in a relaxing place while you do this.

When you’re done, congratulate yourself:  You’ve just used acupressure like an expert.

Third Eye Point

Are you feeling depressed?  Fatigued?  Overwhelmed?  Try using acupressure on your Third Eye Point.
Take three fingers of your left hand (index, middle and ring).  Place them between your eyebrows so that your middle finger is about level with your brow and the other two are above or below.  Hold them there gently but firmly for at least two minutes, if possible, while you breathe slowly and deeply.
You can close your eyes while you do this, and, to make it an even more pleasant experience, imagine being somewhere you find to be very relaxing.
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