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My Blog

June 2016

Crisis Communication

According to Judith Acosta and Judith Simon Prager, co-authors of the book  The Worst is Over, immediately following a serious emergency (car accident, fall, injury), it’s likely the person involved is in shock.  The autonomic nervous system -- which reacts for us when something in the outside world threatens us -- has taken over.  At that moment, the person is in an altered state of consciousness, and your words to him are just like a hypnotherapist's suggestions.
They recommend the following in order to give the person the best chances of healing well:

Acupressure for Better Health

Acupressure is an all-natural, easily done technique that can be very beneficial in easing pain, releasing stress, improving sleep, and a variety of other issues.  It’s uncomplicated, works quickly, and it’s quite relaxing.

Acupressure recognizes the human as an energetic being with a system of energy meridians.  The meridians are much like our veins or our lymph system, except that, instead of transporting something tangible like blood or lymphatic fluid, these energy meridians transport our Qi or energy.
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