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Hypnosis and Empowerment

Unfortunately, your conscious mind and your unconscious mind are not always in agreement with each other.  Your unconscious mind was formed when you were a kid, probably before the age of 8, and it likes what's familiar and known.  It also comprises 88% of your entire mind.  But your decisions to change are made in your conscious mind, where you're reasonable and logical. 

You may decide, for instance, that you want to lose weight, quit smoking, or perform your job better.  And you may even have some success.  But often we find that we can't stick with these decisions.  Perhaps the best example is the New Year's resolution.  Our unconscious mind doesn't want to change.  And since it makes up the majority of the total mind, in short it wins, leaving you feeling unempowered.

But, don't worry.  There is hope.  You can get your conscious and unconscious in harmony with each other so that you can accomplish your goals.  And hypnotherapy is a wonderfully effective way to do that.  What happens during a session is that the mind is relaxed, so the suggestion to change can be given directly to the unconscious mind in this relaxed state, which makes the change much more acceptable. 

But, while you're relaxing your mind for therapeutic purposes, you're also relaxing your body.  You're visualizing enjoyable scenes.  You're breathing tranquilly.  Hypnotherapy feels wonderful!  And while you're feeling so good, you're also experiencing a capacity to grow and to change in beneficial ways you might not have realized were available to you before. 

Despite all this relaxing, during a session you're completely in control.  Anytime you want to stop, simply open your eyes and count up to five.  But since your hypnotherapist will determine with you beforehand what it is you're trying to accomplish -- and she wants to help you meet your goals -- the suggestions will all be in keeping with what you want.

Imagine yourself accomplishing your goals, with relative ease and in very pleasant comfort.  Seeing yourself in a new way.  No longer feeling powerless over old habits or fears, but instead feeling empowered to make the changes you want to make.  With hypnotherapy, you'll see for yourself the difference that having personal empowerment makes in your life, in your relationships and even in your physical appearance!

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