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Affirmations for a Better Life

Are you feeling stuck?  Would you like to improve your life, but you just can't seem to make any headway accomplishing that?  Do you want to feel happier?  Try using affirmations.
According to, an affirmation is the assertion that something exists or is true.  Since we aresuggestible to ourselves, sometimes stating what you want as though it is already true can make it more likely you'll experience the results you want.  Try some of these (or create your own!

Guided Imagery

Guided Imagery is a technique most hypnotherapists will use during the course of a session because it's a remarkably effective means of helping you to accomplish your goals.  While it's more likely to be effective if you do it in the context of a hypnotherapy session, you can also use it on your own if there's a change you'd like to bring into your life.
Choose a time when you can be free of distractions, and turn off or silence all your devices.  The length of time doesn't matter.

When EFT Doesn't Work

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) can be remarkably transforming, healing, and, sometimes, even seemingly miraculous.  You write down what your problem is, you rank it for distress on a scale of one to ten, you write your Set-Up Statement, and you tap until you feel relieved.  Most often, you begin to release the problem before you've finished your first round.
But what if you do all of that, and no matter how long you tap on the issue, there's either very little or no change at all?

Aromatherapy for Better Health

Are you looking for a pleasant way to help you to make positive changes in your life this year?  Try aromatherapy!
There are many ways to make use of essential oils, and aromatherapy is one of them.  An important point, though, is to choose an oil that's well-made.  I highly recommend steam-distilled brands.  Some essential oils are extracted using chemicals.  Those chemicals, unfortunately, end up in the little bottle with the fragrance.  Also, if there are artificial additives or preservatives, it's not a great idea to use them, especially if you intend to apply them to your skin.

How Does Emotional Freedom Technique Work?

Emotional Freedom Technique, or EFT, is based on an ancient Eastern belief that the body has within it a system of channels or meridians, similar to the veins or lymphatic system, but, instead of transporting something tangible like blood or lymph fluid, it transports your life energy or Qi.  Much like with the other systems, because flow is essential, if there's a blockage somewhere, there will also be a negative manifestation.  This manifestation might be pain, illness, injury, a mood change, sleep or weight issues, or it might even be something that seems to be outside of you, like a difficult person or situation.

Ear Massage

In the eastern energy meridian system, it’s believed that certain body parts represent other body parts.  Reflexology is all about the ears, the hands and the feet.  If you go to a reflexologist with stomach problems, back pain or stiff knees, the reflexologist will not work directly on any of those places, but on your hands, feet or ears instead.
On the ear, many important body parts are represented.  For example, your adrenal glands, hippocampus, thyroid, pancreas, pituitary gland, pineal gland, among others, are all associated with parts of your ear.

Forehead Massage

Try this:  Using the longest finger of either hand, place it between your eyebrows and stroke up five or ten times, just past your hairline.  Then, add the longest finger on the other hand, and do five or ten more.  After each set of five or ten, add fingers, repeat the motion, and move slowly out toward your temples.  When you reach your temples, it will likely feel especially good because there’s a lymph node there, and you are moving lymphatic fluid toward it to be cleansed, so you can detox.

Easy Shoulder Massage

When you’re experiencing stress, it’s quite likely that your shoulder and neck area will become stiffer and more rigid.  Almost everyone collects stress in these areas.  For some, it might result in a pain or spasm that you become aware of as it nags at you.  For others, you’re so used to the tension that you may not even realize its presence until after it’s released.  
As I’ve discussed in previous posts, receiving a massage from a professional is remarkably healing and highly recommended.

The Importance of Touch

Have you ever noticed that we touch for comfort?  It’s true.  If there’s an ache or pain somewhere in your body, you’re pretty much guaranteed to place your hand on it at some point.  If you happen to see someone who looks a little down, you might pat him on the arm or shoulder and ask “Are you okay?”  And we all enjoy a good hug from someone we care about.

In a 2015Timemagazine article, Eric Barker writes:

Touching is incredibly powerful.  We just don't give it enough credit.

Improve Your Memory Recall

The tip of the tongue phenomenon.  We’ve all experienced it.  You know you have some bit of information in your head -- perhaps someone’s name -- but you just can’t seem to access it.  It’s often quite frustrating.
Next time this happens to you, try using the Yang Bai acupressure point.  Take your thumb and your index or middle finger and place them gently on your forehead, with one finger above each pupil, halfway between your eyebrows and hairline.  Hold them there steadily, and expect to remember.
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