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Theory of Mind

Hypnosis, Emotional Freedom Technique and other natural methods of healing can be easier to understand when you know the Theory of Mind.

In the diagram above, the large circle represents your mind.  We're all born with the primitive mind, which is where our fight-or-flight mechanism lives.  The fight-or-flight mechanism was given to us because when our earliest ancestors first showed up on the planet, they were very vulnerable.  They hadn't yet developed immunity or invented weapons, and they walked the land with beasts who thought they looked pretty tasty.

There had to be an automatic response by which they could run or fight for their very lives.  Fortunately, today, there are far fewer genuinely life-threatening events, but the primitive mind doesn't know that, and it still triggers fight-or-flight somewhat frequently and inappropriately.  Any time you experience stress, you are in fight-or-flight.

From the time you're born until about the age of eight, you take in information from the environment around you.  Some of it you'll consider to be positive, like a hug or a kiss, a compliment or a food you enjoy eating.  Some of it you'll consider to be negative, like a pinch or a scratch, an insult or a food your parents make you eat.  Whether you consider it to be positive or negative, however, you still take it in.  It becomes known and familiar to you, and what's known and familiar is always more comfortable to you -- even if you know you don't like it -- than something unknown and unfamiliar -- even if it might be an improvement.

These positives and negatives form your Life Script, named that because you tend to use it like an actor: you memorize it and perform it over and over.  This part of your mind with the Life Script in it becomes what we call the subconscious mind, and it comprises a whopping 88-90% of your entire mind.

Around the age of eight or nine, you form what's called the critical mind.  This acts as a filter for your subconscious mind, so you're no longer taking in positives and negatives.  

From that point on, you're operating from  your conscious mind, the remaining 10-12%.  This is where your reason, your logic, your analytical abilities, your decision making and your will power are.  This is the part of your mind that you consider to be you.  When you say, "I've made up my mind about that," you say it with your conscious mind.  When you say, "That doesn't make any sense," you say it with your conscious mind.  Your subconscious doesn't care about sense.  It only cares about sticking with the script.  If there's disagreement between the two, the subconscious will eventually win because it's so much bigger and older.

When you have a new idea, perhaps an idea to improve your life in some way, that idea is taken in through the conscious mind, but, if there's nothing about that new idea in your Life Script, your critical mind won't even allow it to get through to your subconscious.  It might allow you to feel you're having some success, but it will, at some point, reject it.  This is when you'll feel like you're experiencing self-sabotage.

What's great about hypnotherapy, EFT and some other techniques is that they can throw the critical mind off guard in order to get your new idea written into your Life Script so that you have success with it and make lasting changes.
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