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This is a radio interview I did for All Business Media.

Here's a video that explains how to use EFT or tapping.

This clip is from an EFT class at The Imagine Center.

Here's a tapping video for pain management.

This is a talk on Emotional Freedom Technique I gave at the American Hypnosis Association.

Watch my interview on Amazing Minds by Lisa Machenberg. 

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This is about my book: Your Three Clicks.

FOR MORE INFORMATION ON HEALING TECHNIQUES, READ: Your Three Clicks:  Find Your Natural Healing Technique. It explains in detail a variety of natural self-healing techniques and how best to use them. Available here.

To hear my radio interview, click and scroll down to 09/16/15.


If it seems you're not getting a response:

- Drink water. Water conducts energy, and it works the same way inside your body. Take a glass before you start and have another to sip throughout.

- Reassess your statements. Can you make them more specific to what you're going through at this moment? 

- Tap on the opposite. "Even though I have this problem, and I don't want to get rid of it, I deeply and completely love and accept myself."

- Come see me for a few sessions! There are things your subconscious will say during this process that you might not hear. I will pick up on them and incorporate them into the tapping to your best advantage.

Please note: 24 hours' notice required to schedule, cancel or change an appointment (Sunday not included).
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