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Print this free Breathe sign in color, if possible, but black and white is fine.  Fold it along the lines and stand it up on your desk or somewhere you'll see it often.  Add a piece of tape on the open end to help it stand.  Every time you see it, take in three long, slow, deep breaths.  Imagine drawing each breath into the bottom of your abdomen, the area below your navel.  As you exhale, say one of the phrases.  Switch to a different side every few days so you don't get too used to seeing it.  Relax and enjoy!

Print the Acupressure sign below and put it somewhere you'll see it frequently.  Practice each point every day and notice how your life begins to improve!

Here's a video that explains how to use EFT or tapping.

Here's a tapping video for pain management.

This is a radio interview I did for All Business Media.

This clip is from an EFT class at The Imagine Center.

This is a talk on Emotional Freedom Technique I gave at the American Hypnosis Association.

Here is my interview on Amazing Minds by Lisa Machenberg. 

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