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Are you struggling with stress? Is something in your life causing you anxiety? Do you find yourself worrying more than you used to? 
My name is Frances O'Brien, and I am here to guide you to release those awful feelings, to learn methods of relaxing yourself in difficult situations, and to begin to enjoy your life once again. The tools we'll employ to accomplish your goals are easy to do, completely natural and, most importantly, very effective. Using hypnotherapyEmotional Freedom Technique, and other all-natural techniques, we'll get you where you want to be and feeling great about it.  

You already have inside of you everything you need to achieve peace, happiness, success, good health and so much more -- you simply have to access and learn how to work with it. 
Here is a small sample of the issues for which you can utilize these techniques to improve your life:
Weight Loss                                                     Self-Confidence
Memory                                                           Insomnia
Concentration                                                Sleep issues
Self-esteem                                                     Fears
Smoking Cessation                                          Relaxation                              
Reaching Goals                                               Inhibitions
Stress                                                              Phobias
Hopelessness                                                   Public Speaking
Self-Awareness                                                Pain Management

Change your life for the better today. Fill in the Contact page or call (818) 605-6566 to book a session..

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FOR MORE INFORMATION ON VARIOUS NATURAL TECHNIQUES, READ: Your Three Clicks:  Find Your Natural Healing Technique. It explains in detail a variety of natural self-healing techniques and how best to use them. Available here: CreateSpace.

I look forward to seeing you soon. Check back for updates to my website. There's much more to come.

Please note: 24 hours' notice required to schedule, cancel or change an appointment (Sunday not included).

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